SECOND STAGE unveils cutting-edge digital marketing solutions for the gaming industry

Second Stage, a pioneering new marketing agency, is delighted to announce the launch of its bespoke marketing intelligence solutions designed exclusively for gaming firms and the gaming market. With a commitment to empowering publishers, developers, agencies and brands, Second Stage is introducing a range of innovative digital marketing solutions designed to unlock potential and drive success in the dynamic gaming industry.

At the heart of Second Stage’s offering is the Second Stage Marketing Suite, a comprehensive solution that integrates business intelligence with media and marketing strategy. This best-in-class approach combines experience, innovation and intelligence to drive growth and success for anyone advertising to the gaming demographic. 

The modular service options within the Second Stage Marketing Suite ensure gaming companies receive bespoke solutions catered to their specific needs. By understanding the unique essence of each gaming brand, Second Stage uses data-driven insights to create targeted strategies and manage successful campaigns across multiple audiences. Through its expertise in gaming and media, and its collective of accomplished partners, Second Stage delivers tailored solutions that resonate with the gaming community. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Second Stage remains steadfast in its commitment to providing unparalleled support and guidance to its clients and partners.

In addition, Second Stage is introducing GATEWAY, a self-service advertising platform currently under development, set to revolutionize how advertisers, brands, and agencies connect with the global gaming audience, scheduled for launch later this year. GATEWAY seamlessly integrates access to insights and targeting capabilities, providing unparalleled opportunities for performance-based advertising in gaming environments.

Christian Szymanski, Co-Founder at Second Stage: „Our mission at Second Stage is to provide distinctive and innovative solutions that empower publishers, developers and agencies in gaming to thrive in the digital landscape.“ 

Egemen Arslan, Co-Founder of Second Stage: „We enable gaming companies to reach audiences at a granular level with our data-driven approach, exemplified by our unique BI solutions and GATEWAY advertising platform.”

Matthias Mirlach, Co-Founder of Second Stage: „We are committed to delivering bespoke strategies that deliver tangible results for all games, from indie to AAA, driven by our passion while recognising the complexity of the gaming industry.“ 

Later in 2024, Second Stage will unveil additional features and enhancements to GATEWAY, further solidifying its position as a new go-to partner for advertisers looking to engage with the gaming community.