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With a deep understanding of the essence of gaming brands and how they connect with their unique audiences, we use marketing intelligence to unlock your potential through tailored strategies that target granular segments and are being delivered through both self-service and managed campaigns.

2S / Services

We elevate your brand marketing strategies and deliver data-driven go-to-market plans precisely tailored to target audiences based on behavior and game affinity.

Utilize the full power of TRACKS with Second Stage's expert campaign management services tailored for publishers, developers and agencies in the gaming industry.

Delve into the intricacies of gaming intelligence and gain valuable marketing and industry insights with our expert consulting services.

Data-driven G2M Strategy

We develop customized go-to-market (G2M) strategies by combining deep knowledge of gaming brands with marketing intelligence. Using data-driven insights, we identify micro-targeted audiences, top-performing markets and the most effective strategies for our clients.

A data-driven approach

We analyze owned and sourced data on audiences, market trends, competition, brand health, and other relevant factors. By processing and modeling this data, we create custom audiences, identify key markets, and gain competitive insights grounded in real-world information.

Our comprehensive research and findings lead to actionable takeaways, including strategic direction, media mix modeling, and marketing timelines.

Micro-Targeting & Affinity

We use a data-driven approach to target audiences based on behavior and gaming affinity. We are then able to segment these audiences into micro-targetable (MTA) segments with a higher likelihood of conversion. In addition, we leverage different data points to provide a detailed competitive insight matrix and recommended market matrix.

This way we can create relevance scores that identify the highest potential markets and audiences, combined with the best business opportunities based on market economics and media costs.

Strategic Direction

Leveraging our extensive gaming brand expertise, we adopt a holistic approach, always considering a 360° view of the full marketing mix. We provide valuable input based on the PESO model and design performance-driven campaigns that cover all phases of the marketing funnel - from awareness and consideration to conversion and brand loyalty.

This integration with other marketing activities across all functions and partners enables us to present our clients with actionable insights for comprehensive and effective campaigns across all their internal and external teams.

Campaign Management

We can take over digital marketing campaigns from planning to execution, using TRACKS and our data-driven insights to optimize campaigns constantly and drive best results for our clients.

Expert Execution

Our team of experts specializes in all major performance marketing channels and facilitates direct media buy with key gaming partners. Utilizing TRACKS, we deliver comprehensive full-funnel media strategies, managing and optimizing campaigns from the upper funnel to the point of purchase.

From planning to setup to execution to reporting, we can support where it’s needed, so you can focus on what matters most.

Optimized for best performance

Thanks to the power of Tracks' flagging system and trend charts, we have full visibility into our campaigns. This allows us to optimize based on various KPIs (CPM, CPV, VTR%, CTR%, CR%, cost per wishlist, etc.) at every stage. Our capabilities include adjusting budgets across geographies, media channels and audiences as needed, and refreshing creative in a timely manner to avoid ad fatigue.

We are obsessed with optimization, so we highlight all optimization points in real time! This comprehensive approach ensures that our campaigns remain effective and efficient.

Live Reporting & Summary

While our campaign managers have access to highly detailed dashboards through TRACKS, we also provide at-a-glance views tailored for marketers and the executive team. Throughout the campaign, we generate customized, self-explanatory, real-time reports to ensure that both media specialist and marketers can easily track progress.

At the end of each campaign, we provide an executive summary highlighting key successes and areas for improvement.


We we specialize in providing expert consulting services to game developers and publishers seeking to enhance their market presence and maximize their reach.

Boost your XP

Our extensive experience in the gaming industry, in a variety of roles and positions, allows us to advise on multiple areas such as brand marketing, communications, marketing strategy and more. Our added value lies in the data-driven insights we bring to everything we do.

Together with our allies from a vast network of industry specialists, we can help you build high performing landing pages, run effective influencer marketing campaigns, develop social content, conduct market research and much more!