GATEWAY is a ad platform for gaming delivering granular targeting capabilities powered by gaming intelligence and data-driven insights.

Target gamers with accuracy

Reach gamers with unparalleled accuracy based on specific titles, genres, or behavioral clusters.

Optimize campaigns without effort

Maximize ad performance and streamline campaign management with the power of gaming intelligence and machine-learning.

Achieve premium reach

Ensure brand safety and complete transparency to achieve premium reach with gamers for your ads across the web.

  • Effortless programmatic campaign management.

  • Premium reach and awareness across the web.

  • Granular gaming audience targeting.

  • Diverse and impactful video and static ad formats.

  • Maximum ad visibility within target audiences.

  • Integrated Campaign Benchmarks and Audience Insights.

  • AI-driven performance optimization and reporting.

Campaign Manager

GATEWAY gives access to cutting-edge data to target gamers in native environments with performance-based advertising. Manage everything from audience selection to KPIs and forecasting all in one place.

Audience Discovery

Using Audience Discovery, you can pinpoint granular target audiences for your games or select pre-defined gamer personas, ensuring that every ad campaign on GATEWAY achieves the maximum impact possible.

Media Benchmarks

To support campaign planning, GATEWAY offers unique views into media benchmarks per channels and game genres, supporting clients in making the best decisions.

Brand Health Tracker

GATEWAY includes an optional Brand Health Tracker, which allows you to monitor brand performance across the web and social media. This enables you to make informed decisions for your campaigns.

2S AI-Co-Pilot

Our 2S AI Co-Pilot assists you in navigating the platform and interpreting marketing analytics and campaign reports. And if you need a helping hand, our Customer Support team is just a message away.

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