Operations / Strategy

Christian Szymanski

With over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, Christian Szymanski is a passionate leader who specializes in creating and executing innovative and effective marketing campaigns for gaming brands. He is the CEO of ComboStrike a leading full-service marketing agencies that partner with international publishers and studios to deliver best-in-class marketing solutions with a measurable impact on brand awareness and sales.

Christian leverages his deep understanding of the gaming market and its unique challenges to develop and drive holistic advertising strategies that meet the diverse needs and goals of his clients. He has handled multi-million Euro annual worldwide marketing budgets for various launches in European and NA markets, resulting in successful marketing strategies that drive growth and revenue. He also leads and manages the operations of both agencies, while overseeing their strategic direction and growth. Christian is motivated by his passion for games and marketing, and his mission to empower gaming brands with tailored support and creative solutions.