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Our agency provides distinct and innovative solutions for indie developers, helping them navigate the complex world of digital marketing.

With our advertising platform GATEWAY offers insights and access to global gaming audiences at your fingertips, while we can support go-to-market strategy and media planning as part of our tailor-made Second Stage Marketing Suite offering.


Reach gamers across the web

Manage everything from marketing analytics to channel and audience selection and budget optimization with GATEWAY, all in one place.

Gain valuable insights into your brand's visibility and engagement with our SaaS platform featuring a Brand Awareness and Share of Voice Tracker, Gaming Audience Insights, and customizable Media Benchmarks by Genre, Market, and Segment, all powered by an AI Co-Pilot for seamless optimization.

  • Connect Marketing Research to Campaign Manager

  • Measure campaign performance against industry standards

SaaS RTB Advertising Platform
Targeting by Market, Audience, Budget Range
Granular Targeting by Games, Platforms, Genres, Tags
High Level Targeting by Personas


Reach gamers everywhere
AI powered performance & results
Weekly Reports (can be upgraded via Gaming Intelligence module)
Maximum ad visibility
100% transparency & brand safety
Cookieless Advertising

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Tailor-made games marketing solutions

Our modular service offerings provide bespoke solutions designed to meet the unique needs of gaming companies and help them navigate the complex world of digital marketing.

Our tailor-made Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics offering is specifically designed for the games industry, providing an extensive suite of tracking and monitoring capabilities. 

Tracking the complete marketing funnel, we provide detailed insights into brand health and attribution. Our specialized toolset, designed for the unique dynamics of the games industry, ensures a deep understanding of campaign performance, enabling strategic optimization and informed decision-making.

Through our data-driven digital media approach, we precisely target the right audiences, offering a level of optimization unparalleled elsewhere.

Whether collaborating with your internal teams, partners, a trusted network, or managing campaigns independently, we excel in delivering results through performance-oriented campaigns designed to yield a strong return on advertising spend (ROAS).

We develop go-to-market strategies on PC, console and mobile with  a strong focus on best performance to help your game find success on a global scale.

Our team leverages extensive market research, a deep understanding of brand dynamics and innovative marketing tactics to ensure your game not only reaches a wide audience but also captivates players across diverse gaming platforms.

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Street Fighter 6
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Our mission for indie studios

Our heart beats for games – and indie games like XYZ have inspired us in recent years. At the same time, indie developers are constantly facing new challenges due to the increasing number of great releases. These include visibility in the target group and on digital sales platforms such as Steam or PSN, market entry in other countries and the decision between self-publishing and publishing.

With Second Stage, we want to support indie developers in this process, for example in the development of detailed go-to-market strategies, target group definitions and target market analyses, the targeted implementation of media campaigns or the management of PR, social media and influencer activities through our extensive partner network. 

Full transparency and flexibility are just as important to us as individual agreements on a project, margin or success basis that can meet the individual financial conditions of indie developers.